On the Road to EU: Determinants of Regional Well-being and Inequalities in Turkey (Supported by UK RESEARCH AND INNOVATION GLOBAL CHALLENGES RESEARCH FUND) (27.09.2019)


Regional Inequalities in Turkey: Methods, Data and Regional Dimension of the new National Income Series (19.04.2019)


As the first activity of our center, “Regional Development Tools” workshop is held with the participation of Belma ÜSTÜNIŞIK from the Ministry of Development of Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Tüzin BAYCAN from Istanbul Technical University and Assoc. Prof. Dr. B. Can KARAHASAN from Piri Reis University.


"Sustainable Growth and Regional Development Workshop" was held on 2 December 2016 at the stage of the establishment of Marmara University Center for Regional Development (MACRED).

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